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Products & Services

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Machine Tool Accessories
For mechanical Engineering Machine Shops

- Drilling, Milling Accessories like Adopters,
  Arbors, Collets, Chucks etc.

- CNC Tool Holders and Pool Studs.

- Quick Change Tool Posts, Centers &
  Carriage stoppers for lathes.

Made from good quality heat treated alloy
steel and precision ground.

Clamping Devices
For Machine shops, Press shops, Moulding Shops

Elements like T-bolts, T-nuts, Studs, Nuts, Washers, Strap Clamps, Step Blocks, Eye bolts etc.

- Devices like Machine Clamps, Plate Clamps, CNC Calmps, Vices, Toggle Clamps, Screw Jacks.

High Tensile, Rolled threads, Finish blackened or painted.

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Magnetic and Precision Tools
For Tool Room, Quality Assurance

Magnetic V Blocks, Dial stands, Pot Magnets,
  Chucks, Magnetic Links, Magnetic Holders.

- Hardened Steel V blocks, Parallels, Marking blocks,
  Tri-Squares, Toolmakers Clamps, Dial Accessories.

- Precision Grinding Vice, Boring tool setting V blocks.

Maximum magnetic Pull, Precision Ground.

Gauges and Instruments
For Quality Assurance

Plain Plug, Snap, Ring, Taper &
thread gauges, Gauge blocks,
Measuring Pins.

- Verniers, Dials, Micrometers,
Bore Gauges, Bevel Protractor,
Combination Set.

Highly accurate, reliable, traceable to
national and international standards.

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Special Machines
For Productions and Maintainance.

- Portable Key Way Milling & Portable
Centering Machines

Equispacer Pitch Circle Drilling Jigs

Proven Design, Perfect Craftsmanship.

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